Welcome to my Page.

My name is Pablo. I am from Mexico - specifically Mexico City. I live in South Korea. I am a student/researcher/nerd. I try to code. Check out my blog, where I write in English and Spanish about computer science, data analysis and Mexico.





Seoul National University - 2013/09 to present

National University of Mexico - 2006/7 to 2010/12

University of California, Los Angeles - 2009/08 to 2010/01

Stanford University - 2010/06 to 2010/08

Interests and experience

Interested in Network science, Graph theory and Data visualization. With experience on Databases, Servers, Back end development, Data analysis, etc.

Projects and open source

Hanja Explorer (http://www.hanja.me)

Google Summer of code 2015 Project - Working with Dbpedia's dear Ruben Verborgh

Google Summer of Code 2014 Project - Working with MariaDB

Teaching and mentoring

Teaching Assistant - Advanced Programming Methodology (2015 Fall Semester)

Instructor - Development and Analysis of Parallel Algorithms (2010 Fall Semester)

Professional experience

Google Inc. - 2016/09 to present

Google Korea - 2015/01 to 2015/03

Oracle Advanced Development Center - 2011/01 to 2013/06